5 Tips To Stay Balanced During The Eclipse

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Have you been feeling a bit frazzled and worn out lately? It may not just be the end of summer slump! What you’re feeling could be bigger than that. We’re talking solar system big. There is a lot happening in the skies these days and it is making itself known in the way you feel day to day. With a lunar eclipse, Mercury beginning it’s retrograde, and finishing with a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse, August is proving to be one busy month! But no need to worry. Our fierce client Renée Lawrence, has got you covered with 5 tips to help navigate your way through the rest of this month and leave you feeling more like yourself again.

1. Give Yourself a Little Extra Love.

Run yourself a bath, cook yourself dinner, take yourself to the movies, go get a massage, whatever it may be, give yourself some extra love during this time. A little self love and self care goes a long way when outside forces are weighing us down. It may feel selfish, but fill your own cup to the brim and be picky with whom you share your energy. Not everyone needs a piece of what you got!

2. Turn Off and Turn Within.

Mercury rules communication and technology and when it is in retrograde both of these things tends to go haywire. Shutdown your computer, leave your phone in the other room, turn off the TV. Instead of using your free time to get sucked down the technology worm-hole, take that time to reconnect with yourself and with Mother Nature. Go on an evening walk, take a weekend hike, drink your morning coffee on the porch, put your bare feet in grass and enjoy being no where else but in the present moment.

3. Eat Nourishing Foods & Move Your Body

Skip the oh-so-tempting and easy-to-reach-for junk food and opt for whole foods and satisfying meals. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge or treat yourself, but keep balance in mind when making your choices. Pair this with a bit of exercise and feel your stress levels go down! Move your body everyday to get those feel good endorphins flowing. That may be a MegaBurn class one day and then gentle yoga the next, don’t feel the need to push it too hard everyday. When things feel chaotic, you want to support your body and give it the strength it needs to carry you through this hectic time.

4. Clean House

This eclipse season gives us a glimpse at our “shadow” self and the darker parts within. It’s is a very reflective time and a chance to assess what is important and what isn’t. This can manifest in many ways; maybe you want to clean out your closet, donate items you don’t need, reorganize the kitchen, and clean the house. Or maybe it’s a bit deeper and now is the time to re-prioritize your end of the year goals, quit a bad habit, or even say goodbye to someone that is toxic in your life. Burn some sage, set your intention, and release whatever may be holding you back.

5. Practice Compassion

Know that everyone around you is feeling a bit chaotic themselves. Stress levels are high therefore interactions may not be so warm and friendly, traffic could get aggressive, miscommunications are bound to happen, and things may fall through. Take a deep breathe for yourself and for them. These feelings will pass and everyone will be feeling a bit more settled soon. A friendly smile to a stranger, a listening ear to your coworker, a dinner date with your bestie, any and all acts of kindness to help ease the tension and bring peace to your day.

Think Renée is pretty rad? Us too! Check out Renée’s blog Ren’s World (www.rensworld.com) and her instagram (@rensworld_) for even more plant-based spiritual goodness!

Written by Renée Lawrence
Edited by Chelsea Crest

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