The tension on the Megaformer + Microformer by Lagree Fitness is created by springs loaded under the carriage of each machine. When you look under the carriage, you will notice a rack of springs, that can be loaded or unloaded depending on the number of springs an exercise calls for. 

Microformer undercarriage springs

PRO TIP: When it’s time to change the springs, close the carriage all the way to the front platform. You should be able to see the entire rack of springs before the change. This will make it easier for you to change the springs + also prevent any springs from popping off and landing on the floor. 

Pulling the springs up into the teeth will TURN THEM ON! Pulling the springs down back to the rack will TURN THEM OFF. 

The colors of these babies matter! Trust us.You don’t want to get caught off the back trying to do a giant wheelbarrow on one RED spring. 

Red Spring = Heavy Resistance, Black Spring = Normal Resistance

On the microformer there are two different spring colors. The red springs are HEAVY! They provide between 10-30lbs of resistance depending on how far you stretch the red spring. Red springs are generally used for leg and arm exercises. 

The black spring is the lighter spring. Each black spring provides 3-10lbs of resistance, again dependent on the stretch put on that spring. This is why a single black spring in a giant core exercise on the back of the machine feels so much much spicier than a single black spring core move on the front of your microformer. The spring is way tighter and loaded with more pressure when stretched all the way to the back of the microformer. 

Black springs are super versatile + are typically used very often for legs, abs and arms. 

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