HI PILATES CLUB. It’s Chelsea + Carolynn. You’re resident hype girls! You’ve been asking to see a little more of our lives AND YOU KNOW WE’RE OPEN AF. So today, we’re going to let you in our daily workout routines + 3 of our BIGGEST WORKOUT HACKS. 

Okay, okay let’s get into the nitty gritty + talk workouts! Over the years we’ve tried EVERY WORKOUT. Yeah, really ALL OF THEM. Many we loved, and some we completely despised. Through it all, we decided one thing: WE LOVE LAGREE + LIFTING WEIGHTS. 

LAGREE: Megaformer *Microformer* it doesn’t matter WE LOVE IT ALL. Why do we love lagree? Because it’s hard AF, but doesn’t leave your joints feeling like SH*T after. Oh, and it’s the best core workout on the planet! It’s slow + controlled, and will leave you sore for days! 

WEIGHT LIFTING: We’ve done all of it. CrossFit. Power Lifting. Body Building style training, + we’re obsessed with all of them! Nowadays, when we want to lift, we head over to our local gym and target whatever we’re feeling like that day. Some days we do a body part split (AKA BACK + BICEPS / CHEST + TRICEPS) or a full body workout with complex lifts like cleans and snatches. Our favorite lift day is BACK DAY *because it’s the best day* but we also really love a good leg day (BECAUSE BUTTS ARE OUR FAVORITE BODY PART). 

CARDIO: We despise it! But we will do it when we need to. Carolynn has a Peloton that she will hop on *like twice a month* and I will force myself to go to a spin class every once and awhile. In reality, cardio isn’t that important to our fitness goals so we add a bit in while we’re lifting weights by cutting rest times down and call it good. What’s the only cardio we actually enjoy? The Friday 9am virtual CARDIO KICKBOXING class with our queen NICOLE GREENE (@bodybynikkig


WE’RE TWINS SO WE WORKOUT EXACTLY THE SAME: 2-3 days of lifting, 2-3 days of the lagree *EITHER MEGAFORMER OR MICROFORMER*, + 1 cardio session paired with either a lagree or lifting day. We both make sure to take one dedicated rest day per week *sometimes 2*. YOU NEED A REST DAY TOO! It will help you recover and reset. 

Okay, now that you know what our workout schedule looks like, we’re going to let you in on our 3 BIGGEST workout secrets. 

OUR FIRST SECRET: Music will make or break your workout! Our favorite workout jams? We dig heavy beats. You’ll typically find us lifting to rap and a little bit of metal.  Before your next workout, spend an hour making a couple of dope workout playlists that get you hyped. Make your playlist slightly longer than the time you plan to stay at the gym. It will help to keep you in track during your workout. Need one, WE GOT YOU! We made a dope SPOTIFY PLAYLIST for you. 

OUR SECOND SECRET: PREWORKOUT AKA not drugs but feels like workout drugs in the best way possible. What is preworkout? It’s a powder that you mix into water and chug 10-30 minutes before your workout. It helps you focus, and maximizes the amount of blood flow to your muscles *HELPS YOU GET A BETTER PUMP*. Basically, you’ll have the best workout of your life on it – guaranteed. Oh, and there’s some caffeine in it, so you will feel JAZZED AS F*CK.  

OH AND WE MADE ONE FOR YOU! And it’s called DOSED. It’s completely legal, we promise! It’s launching soon. LIKE VERY SOON! And we know you’ll love it! Stay tuned for our drop date! 

OUR THIRD SECRET: PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD. If you don’t know about it, you need to know about it. Progressive overload is your secret to making, getting stronger, and continually making progress in the gym and on your microformer. WHAT THE F*CK DOES PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD MEAN? It means you’ve gotta be willing to continually up your game to see results and make progress. AKA increase the frequency, reps, or weight in your workout. Best way to do it on the Microformer? INCREASE YOUR WEIGHT. Make your SH*T heavier, but at the same time ensure your form is on point. Basically, you have to always be willing to push yourself. If your workout stays the same, you remain the same. IT’S LIKE A METAPHOR FOR YOUR LIFE TOO.

Wanna have fun with us on your own microformer? Use code PILATESCLUB at checkout to save $$$ on yours today!

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