You thought holding a plank was tough!? Meet PLANK TO PIKE courtesy of your microformer. This little baby takes planks to the next level by combining functional movements with the dopest moving equipment out there!

First let’s break down the movement:

Plank To Pike can be done in all 4 positions on the microformer. Your hands and feet will go on either the platform or the carriage. 

Start in a plank position with your shoulders directly above your hands. Push your A$$ up to the sky using your hands and feet as anchors for the lift. After reaching the pike, slowly lower your body back down to the plank part of the exercise. Repeat this controlled pattern for a minimum of a minute. 

If you only ever feel Plank To Pike in your lower back, it may mean you are doing this exercise without wrapping your core. A core wrap must be maintained throughout the entire movement to prevent the front ribs and hips from pulling away from each other AKA a core blowout. When you lose the ability to wrap your core it’s time for a break. Reset yourself, then it’s time to get back into it. 

Now time to call ourselves out for the most creative cheat move in the game! GOING TOO HIGH! 

At the top of the Pike if you send your A$$ too high IT WILL BE ALL SHOULDER AND NO CORE You will feel the disengagement at the top of the exercise and then the re-engagement on the way back down to the plank. Instead try to make the range of motion way smaller, keeping the pike more shallow. You instantly feel your core more intensely and for the entire time you are in the movement. 

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