Client Spotlight: An Interview With MegaBabe Anna Mitchell

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Anna has been a MegaBurn client since since June of 2017. In three short months, Anna has transformed her mind and body, finding more strength in every class. We sat down with Anna to talk about all things strength, motivation, and transformation.

Tell us about your experience at MegaBurn:

“My whole experience with MegaBurn has been amazing! When I started coming to MegaBurn, I felt like I could barely do any of the moves. One day, Carolynn said something that transformed the way I view each MegaBurn class. She said, ‘Your mind will tell you that you can’t do it, but your body can.’ This saying has pushed me to go the extra mile not only at MegaBurn, but in life in general. The way I feel after every class is amazing! At the end of each class I see the Child’s Pose stretch as a reward, and walk out the door feeling stronger and more confident!”

What is your favorite exercise at MegaBurn:

“I really love Catfish because it pushes me to the edge, and I feel like I get better at it every class!”

What are you passionate about:

“Something that I am super passionate about is orphan care in India. Specifically an orphanage in Northeast India called Gan Sabra. They take in children that either have HIV/AIDS or have been affected by it. The kids there have been through so much, but they have such a zest and a joy for life! It really puts things into perspective for me. Gan Sabra is aligned with Orphan Outreach, and you can learn more about supporting orphans worldwide by visiting”

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Written by Chelsea Crest