Self-Love: Gratitude

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Self-Love: Find Gratitude

Caution: Engaging in self-care can lead to increased happiness, productivity, and overall joy. During times of increased stress and demand, upping your self-care game is vital to stay balanced. Unsure of where to start? We’ve got your back!

Schedule It: Between weekends filled with holiday parties and hours spent online finding the perfect holiday gift, we tend to find ourselves running from obligation to obligation during the holidays with little more than a stale protein bar in our pockets. When life gets chaotic, it is important to take time for yourself to reconnect with what is important. Each week, give yourself permission to take a 60 minute life break, and put it on your calendar. But really, schedule it! Otherwise you won’t do it. During your life break, do something that brings you joy! Try cooking a nourishing meal, draw an epsom salt bath, read your favorite book, or take a well deserved nap.

Find Gratitude: In order to find gratitude, you have to be intentional about it. Gratitude does not simply show up in our lives. We have to work to find it every day. Compliment others, reflect on what you are thankful for, find the positives in less than ideal situations, or keep a gratitude journal to reflect each night before bed. Need more ideas? Check out A Practical Guide To Gratitude.

Love Your Body: From running marathons, to having babies, to making it through a 45-minute MegaSweat class, our bodies do a lot for us. Let’s find some time to give back to them! We know that you like to push your body to the limit, so find ways to keep it strong all holiday season long. During the next month, try one of the following:

Take a yoga class with our newest instructor @SheaCarver at YoYoYogi, and get your zen on.

Show up 15 minutes before your next MegaBurn class to foam roll it out with your favorite instructor.

Head over to Nutrishop Hillsboro to ask our favorite Mega Nutrition Babe, @KatieGraham22, about the best products to support your body during your holiday workouts.

Ready to unwind? Book your MegaBurn.

Written By Chelsea Crest