How Important Are Rest Days?

Chelsea Crest Fitness, Wellness

The Magic of Rest Days

Rest days are MAGIC. No seriously, they really are! In our society, we have been conditioned to believe that bigger, faster, stronger is better, and because of this overtraining is a very real problem. What is overtraining? It’s when you train at a frequency and intensity that is far more than what your body can successfully recover from.


Signs of Overtraining:

Insomnia, decreased athletic performance, constant muscle fatigue, decrease in muscle mass, changes in heartbeat, overuse injuries, increased appetite, dehydration, sugar cravings, continuous colds, nausea, muscle tightness, lack of motivation and many more!


Negative Impact of Overtraining:

1: Injuries- Engaging in high intensity workouts when your muscles are already overworked and tired can lead to less than ideal form, hence injuries! Injuries can take you out of the workout game for prolonged periods of time, so pay attention to your body and give your muscles some time to repair.

2: Lack of Progress- Ever wondered how muscles get bigger? When you workout, you create small tears in your muscle fibers. When you rest after working out, your immune system will begin to repair your muscles by fusing fibers together to create new muscle cells. These new cells cause your muscles to grow! When you overtrain, you create continuous muscle tears, and without the time to repair your progress will halt. Why? Because with no time to repair, your muscles will not grow. Give your muscles some rest day love, and let them do their thing!

3: Increased Cortisol- When you engage in high intensity workouts, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol helps your body find balance in times of high stress, but can also have detrimental effects on your progress. Elevated levels of cortisol for a prolonged period of time from overtraining can cause your body to start storing fat instead of burning it, and also lead to muscle breakdown.


Plan a Magical Rest Day:

Many clients ask us how many times per week they should be coming to class at MegaBurn. We recommend that you come burn with us 3-5 days per week! Plan a rest day (or 2) and try some of our favorite rest day activities:

Walk your dog

Go out to lunch with friends

Sleep in

Take a Yin Yoga class

Foam roll

Take 20 minutes to stretch

Take a nap

Looking to add some stretching into your routine? Take one of our Core + Restore classes to get your stretch on:

Written by Chelsea Crest