Mega-Flawless Hair

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Mega-Flawless Hair

Picture it. It’s the last 60 seconds on the Megaformer, sweat is dripping, music blaring and your muscles are shaking like your own personal brand of earthquake. You feel fabulous. Then, just as you finish, you take a glimpse in the mirror, skin is glowing but… *screeching halt* your once luscious locks are a hot, sweaty mess! Now what?! Don’t worry babes! We chatted with Kat Trotter Viterbo from Seneca and Boone about her favorite hair hacks to get you from “hot mess” to “who dis!?”

Hack 1: Find a moisture locking product! This is yummy goodness for your hair that is equivalent to drinking enough water regularly. Mist this spray from roots to ends to get rid of any ponytail lines or to freshen up! Kat’s favorite is Seven Haircare’s Seal because its mega hydrating ingredient is aloe vera.

Hack 2: Braids or Buns! Braid or bun your hair securely enough to survive your workout, but not too tight! (Bobby pins or cotton headbands may come in handy). Then, mist a sea salt spray lightly through your do. Once class is over, release your braid(s) or bun, shake it out, and VOILA! Oops, on purpose beach waves! Try Oribe’s Après beach wave and shine spray, it comes in a travel size and you can use it on damp or dry hair.

Hack 3: Dry Shampoo used correctly. Part your hair at the corner of your brow, spray dry shampoo and repeat on the other side. Now spray where you naturally part your hair. If you get a little extra oily, pull a 1/4 inch section in front of your ears and spray. Here is the kicker, do not use your fingers to rub in the dry shampoo! You just spent all of that time getting rid of oils, don’t put it back in with your hand oils. Use a hand brush to massage (aka brush) the product on the scalp and maximize your dry shampoos potential. Kat loves Seven Haircare’s Dry because it has tapioca starch instead of aluminum starch, meaning it won’t leave any white, talc like residue on the hair. (Plus, its in the bathroom at the studio, so try it out!)

There you go MegaBabes! Kat’s top 3 post workout hair hacks to keep your manes as healthy and stunning as you. So get your burn on, hair flip your heart out & keep killing it.

Loving Kat’s hair care secrets? Check her out on instagram @katt.likemeow and @senecaandboone.
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