Try These Hacks For A Better Night’s Sleep

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Having trouble sleeping after your 6:30pm MegaBurn class? Try These Hacks For A Better Night’s Sleep!

Winding down after an adrenaline inducing evening class at MegaBurn can be a challenge even for the soundest of sleepers. Sound familiar? It happens to the best of us. Here are the tricks of the trade to wind down after your 6:30pm MegaBurn class!


It’s 7:30pm, and you just got home from your MegaBurn class. After a 45-minute sweat inducing workout, you are starving, and searching aimlessly in your refrigerator for something to eat. If you often find yourself a victim of post workout insomnia, narrow your search to foods that contain the sleep-inducing compounds tryptophan, magnesium, calcium, and glycine. Foods that contain these compounds include turkey, greek yogurt, chamomile tea, almonds, walnuts, prunes, cherries, sweet potatoes, pistachios, and bananas. For a quick trip to dreamland, avoid stimulating foods including coffee, spicy dishes, alcohol, sugary desserts, and juices. If you are sticking to all of the right foods, and still feeling wired post class, consider adding a supplement like LEUTOR-PM from Nutrishop Hillsboro (@nutrishophillsboro) into your nightly routine. LEUTOR-PM contains a blend of amino-acids that not only assist in muscle recovery, but also help you fall asleep quickly and stay in a deep sleep for a longer period of time.


Create a consistent bedtime routine, and modify for nights that include evening workout classes. We are creatures of habit, and thrive off of routines. Think about it. You drive the same way to work everyday, eat at the same restaurants, have your coffee before getting in the car, and when these routines are disrupted…panic! Start by setting a consistent time to hit the hay, and stick to it! Use the Bedtime app on the iPhone to set a weekday bedtime, and keep yourself accountable. Once your bedtime it set, find one calming practice to add to your nightly post MegaBurn routine. Consider five minutes of guided meditation using the Simple Habit app, taking a lavender epsom salt bath, or simply setting aside two minutes for yourself to reflect on your day.


Ever find yourself feeling increasingly wired with every late night refresh of your instagram feed? Yeah me too! Turns out the blue light emitted from our coveted electronic devices may be to blame. Recent studies have shown that blue light simulates daylight, and can inhibit our body’s natural production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. If you often find yourself in the situation above, try enabling the Night Shift setting on your iPhone. Doing so will change your display to a warm candlelit hue, which will help you to relax and wind down before bed. If this isn’t doing the trick, try unplugging completely at least 30 minutes before bed. Dive deep into a paperback book, crank out a couple rounds of go fish with the kids, or simply lounge and take time to think about your day.

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Article by: Chelsea Crest

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