What To Expect (at MegaBurn) When You Are Expecting

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Emily is one of our badass clients at MegaBurn, who also happens to be expecting her first baby in October. Emily started her MegaBurn journey when she was three months pregnant. Initially, she was unsure of how long she would be able to continue taking weekly classes, but at 7 ½ months along Emily is still rocking it 2-3 days a week at MegaBurn.

The Benefits Of MegaBurn-ing During Your Pregnancy:

MegaBurn is a full body workout that creates long lean muscles by targeting your slow-twitch muscle fibers. According to Emily, “MegaBurn has helped in terms of overall strength to carry my baby girl, as well as reducing pregnancy symptoms such as low back pain.” She also accredits her time at MegaBurn to improved sleep after taking classes, and fewer headaches. Emily has been working on core control and breath during MegaBurn moves, throughout her pregnancy with the goal of having a strong pelvic floor to assist with delivery.


During pregnancy, your body goes through a plethora of changes. Some of these changes are awesome, and others not so great. During this period of constant change, it is easy to feel out of control of what is happening to your body (i.e. stretchy ligaments, balance changes and diastasis). No need to fret. We are here to help! At MegaBurn, we know that mental strength is just as important, if not more important, than physical strength. Don’t get me wrong, MegaBurn is a challenging workout! There will be times when your body will tell you to keep going, but your mind will tell you to quit. Each class, we empower our clients to be the strongest version of themselves, and take back control even when life feels chaotic. According to Emily, “At a time when it is easy to feel like I have no control over my body, being able to focus on what I can still do and how it is helping me and the baby has been a lifesaver. Each class, I focus on what I can accomplish that day and always leave feeling empowered and prepared for daily life and pregnancy challenges.”

Important things to know about taking pre and post-natal classes at MegaBurn:

1. Consult your doctor before beginning any new fitness regime. Once you get the medical stamp of approval, come see us! We will chat about a plan of action to keep you burning all pregnancy long.

2. Modification will become your new favorite word! At MegaBurn, we LOVE catering to clients who are expecting, and have spent tons of time coming up with ways to modify each exercise for our pre and postnatal clients

3. You had the baby, and now what? Come back and see us! We will help you regain your strength taking into consideration any limitations that you may have.

Not convinced yet to come give us a try? I’ll leave it to Emily: “I would recommend MegaBurn to any expecting mom – not only have I seen benefits physically and mentally, the community at the studio and the instructors’ care and attention have been above and beyond. I hope to continue coming to class up until my due date and am excited to see how the classes help with the labor and delivery process.”

Classes are appropriate for all fitness levels but maybe a private appointment works better for you. Now you can book classes or appointments via the new MegaBurn app. (iOS) or (Android)

Written by Chelsea Crest

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